Learn to buzz in an hour…

Program (60 minutes)

1. Teach them how to buzz.

a. Get the players in a half circle. Have each place the pBone (with      mouthpiece) in front of them, about two feet away.

b. Provide simple clapping rhythms and movement for a few minutes, until they are all really watching and listening.

c. Have each place their hand outstretched between their pBuzz and their mouths and have them blow “cool “ air into their palm so that they feel it. You might want to use a coffee or soda straw to give them a better idea of “cool” air. (This will also help them resist the idea of puffing their cheeks!)

d. While blowing, tell them to close their lips just enough to keep the air flowing until they get their lips buzzing.

e. Now, take the mouthpiece only and do the same thing. It will actually be easier to get the buzz with the mouthpiece than without. Try to get them to match tones with mouthpiece only.

f. Add the pBone. First play it with the slide in first position (F). Practice rhythms on F before you start adding other notes. Use call and response. You might consider a favorite rhythm track to keep everyone together.

g. Discuss the positions of the slide and show them how the Trombone Tabs show the slide position and whether the note is low, medium or high in that position.

h. Play and demonstrate O Come All Ye Faithful and demonstrate. Break it down and go slowly. By watching and listening each player will be able to move through the song at a slow tempo. After a few times, they should be able to do worthwhile practice at home.

i. Don’t forget that new players tire easily.
What Might Help - http://www.pplaymusic.us/EducationalpBuzz.html
The Basic of Teaching pBuzz – Teaching Elements Every Teacher Can Use (Video Series). This works for pBone too.
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